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About Koh Klang

Islanda Hideaway Resort - Koh Klang, Krabi - Thailand

Koh Klang Village is a charming and peaceful island, located 5 minutes 5 minutes by boat from Krabi town. Around 70% of Koh Klang's 5,000 habitants work is agriculture. Most families are fishermen, followed by rice farming and attending coconut and banana orchards. The remaining 30% of inhabitants are traders or civil servants. Many people sell their product in Krabi.

Koh Klang is not a paradise of white sandy beaches. It is a traditional fishing community where visitor can see the living relationship between islanders and sea, observing daily life as tides rise and fall. Community members use ingenious local methods to capture fish, crabs and shellfish. The island is surrounded by pristine mangroves with great bird watching opportunities. In addition to experiencing nature and culture, visitors can also visit several community arts and crafts groups.

Code of Conduct

Koh Klang villagers warmly welcome guest to learn and share their culture and way of life. They also request guest to help them protect precious local culture, through simple steps.