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Bungalow Style

Islanda Hideaway Resort - Koh Klang, Krabi - Thailand

The design of the bungalows at Islanda Hideaway Resort was inspired by traditional Thai houses combined with the functionality of southern Thai fisherman village. Each bungalow has two modules, first is a spacious fully air-conditioned master bedroom that opens up to a large veranda. Second is a multipurpose room connected to a bathroom with an open-roof shower that allows you to relax under the open sky.

Twenty-nine carefully spaced bungalows are laid out in three rows along the stretch of the Andaman Sea shoreline. All are built on high stilts with a very high ceiling to catch sea breeze while avoiding the heat, the open veranda provides an ample space for semi-outdoor activities such as listening to your favorite tracks, catching up with that best-selling authors or simply laying back and getting some shut-eyes.

If staying inside is your thing, then the fully air-conditioned master bedroom comes equipped with a Bluetooth speaker for listening to your favorite artists and for those whom are more visually oriented, simply switch on the LED TV that has both local and international channels on satellite to watch the latest news, movies, entertainments, sports, documentary, cartoon and Matchday. Classic titles and complete series are also available on Blue-ray and standard DVDs which can be borrowed at the reception.

ll bungalows are similar in sizes but distinctive in their in-room facilities, functionality and location.

There are four types to choose from:
  • Ocean Breeze Bungalows
  • Ocean Family Bungalows
  • Ocean Front Bungalows

Ocean Front bungalow

Ocean Front Bungalows are Islanda’s premium accommodation. They are located right on the shoreline, all of them facing the Andaman Sea with 180° view...

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Ocean Family Bungalow

Ocean Family Bungalows are Islanda’s way of keeping your family together. The balconies of the two adjoining bungalows are connected to allow family ...

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Ocean Breeze Bungalow

Ocean Breeze Bungalows are Islanda’s standard bungalows with their own distinctiveness as they are located towards the rear of the resort...

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