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Excursions & Activites

Islanda Hideaway Resort - Koh Klang, Krabi - Thailand

Island Hopping
Island Hopping is “a must” trip in Krabi. This is the image of “Andaman Sea” that everyone is dreaming of. The boat departs from the resort take you hopping from one island to another, tropical hot spots in the Krabi sea, Poda Island and the sand dune during the low hide are well known for the crystal clear water and the white sandy beach. This is the perfect place for snorkeling, feeding the tamed fishes while following your dream holidays.

Mangrove Cruise
Koh Klang is surrounded by sea, salt-water canals and large expanses of pristine mangrove forests, which together form an internationally recognized wetland ecosystem which seamlessly links mainland Krabi with the open sea. You will enjoy a journey down tiny streams, deep into the mangroves, while observing local fishing life, admire beautiful birds, reptiles, and fish and listen to fascinating true stories about how local people have worked together to protect the environment.

Village Tour
Koh Klang Village Tour offers the guest an insight into local, argricultural livelihoods, observe how their crafts are made and try your hand at Batik cloth painting. This is an ideal program for visitors who need to get away from the crowds and tourism traps of nearby resort islands and explore authentic southern Thai culture, arts and crafts work alongside with local artisans to craft their own unique and meaningful memories of Koh Klang.

There are also more excursions and activities available to explore such, Railay Beach, Phi Phi Island, Tha-Lane Kayak, Hot Spring Waterfall and Emerald Pool, Tiger Cave Mountain, Cooking Class, Photo Hunt Eco Biking and more.. Please contact front desk for information and reservation.