Rates & Reservation

Ocean Front Bungalow

  • Fully Air-Conditioned
  • LED TV with Satellite Channels
  • Balcony Day Bed
  • Balcony Bath Tub
  • Mini Bar
  • Keypad Safe


Ocean Front bungalow are Islanda’s premium accommodation. They are located right on the shoreline, all of them facing the Andaman Sea with 180° view.

Stepping off the stairs of the bungalows and literally feel the sand between your toes or simply lay in bed with the curtain drawn back while reading your favorite book or listening to those tracks from back in the days.

You can also occasionally looking up to see the breaking waves and the islands in the distance to remind yourself of where you are or enjoy the afternoon by sipping a Champaign in the bath tub on the balcony with your better half waiting for sunset.

Bungalow Features

  • Blue-Ray DVD Player
  • Coffee/Tea maker
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Day Bed
  • USB Charger/Bluetooth Speaker
  • In-Room Wi-Fi Connection