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How to get here

Islanda Hideaway Resort - Koh Klang, Krabi - Thailand

Transfer from/to Krabi International Airport

It should take approximately 45 minutes from Krabi Airport to Islanda. First, look for your name at the exit then airport/Islanda's limousine/van will take you, about 30 minutes by road, to Krabi Boat Lagoon. Form Krabi Boat Lagoon, enjoy your 10 minutes cruising through beautiful mangrove forest and emerald water of Andaman Sea to Laem Kham pier to get a tuktuk to Islanda.

Price for 2 persons/way (van, long-tail boat and tuktuk)

06.00-19.00 1,050 THB/2 persons
Extra Person 525 THB/person
19.01-22.00 1,575 THB/2 persons
Extra Person 787.5 THB/person
22.01-05.59 2,100 THB/2 persons
Extra Person 1,050 THB/person

Contact email: info@islandahideaway.com

Transfer from/to Krabi Town

The meeting point is Thara Park pier near Krabi River Marina. It will take 5 minutes cruising across Krabi River to Koh Klang(Tha-le pier). Then the tuktuk will take you 7km., approximately 20 minutes, through the peaceful village to Islanda Hideaway Resort.

Price for 2 persons/way (long-tail boat and tuktuk)

Thara Park Pier from/to Islanda

06.00-19.00 500 THB/2 persons
Extra Person 250 THB/person
19.01-22.00 750 THB/2 persons
Extra Person 375 THB/person
22.01-05.59 1,000 THB/2 persons
Extra Person 500 THB/person

Contact email: info@islandahideaway.com

Check-in time = 14:00 - 24:00
Check-out time = 06:00 - 12:00

Useful Tips

Kindly make your reservation by email info@islandahideaway.com at least 24 hours prior to arrival.

Exploring Koh Klang

Islanda Hideaway Resort - Koh Klang, Krabi - Thailand

As a traditional fishing community, KohKlang offers a wide variety of unique experiences which visitors cannot find anywhere else. Genuine local culture of Andaman islanders prevails all over. Traditional rice farming is seen throughout the middle part of the island while fishing activities exists along sea-shore mangrove forest. Villagers work together closely to preserve and prolong their local arts and crafts.

Let your exploration of KohKlangshare a part in the memory ofyour wonderful holiday in Krabi!

Koh Klang Village is a charming and peaceful island, located 5 minutes 5 minutes by boat from Krabi town. Around 70% of Koh Klang's 5,000 habitants work is agriculture. Most families are fishermen, followed by rice farming and attending coconut and banana orchards. The remaining 30% of inhabitants are traders or civil servants. Many people sell their product in Krabi.

Koh Klang is not a paradise of white sandy beaches. It is a traditional fishing community where visitor can see the living relationship between islanders and sea, observing daily life as tides rise and fall. Community members use ingenious local methods to capture fish, crabs and shellfish. The island is surrounded by pristine mangroves with great bird watching opportunities. In addition to experiencing nature and culture, visitors can also visit several community arts and crafts groups.

Code of Conduct

Koh Klang villagers warmly welcome guest to learn and share their culture and way of life. They also request guest to help them protect precious local culture, through simple steps.

  • Please do not bring alcohol, drugs, or other intoxicating substance onto Koh Klang.
  • Please do not show intimacy in public.
  • Please do not bring pork onto Koh Klang.
  • Please do not bring dogs onto Koh Klang.
  • Please dress modestly while exploring Koh Klang.